From all the years spent traipsing around the antiques shops and Parisian vintage markets, that tempted me to share this passion. La Boutique Vintage was born. I always had a true passion for all vintage and retro furniture as well as decoration items and Industrial Style.

If you are looking for some beautiful Industrial, Vintage furniture or decoration items, you are at the right place. 

Our passion for industrial and vintage furniture and decoration pieces is coming from the fact that we truly love unique pieces and quirky items that have a real soul and were made to last.

At La Boutique Vintage you will find only unique vintage furniture with fantastic patina and authentic wear and tear that only ageing can create. 

When we renovate our products we are trying to do the minimum necessary to leave them their authenticity, style and own history.

Each item we are buying, we would appreciate in our own home, as they are unique and authentic pieces.

The dream interior is:

A mix of contemporary items with Vintage pieces and home decor accessories to create a unique and exciting home.

The combination of Vintage and Retro furniture with Industrial furniture and Vintage decoration creates the perfect harmony for a dream interior.

The Industrial chic: 

It concerns all the objects that were taken out of  a factory setting and put into our living room to become cult furniture.


A Jielde lamp (or more!)

A Tolix chair and stool in your kitchen or at your desk 

A Roneo desk in your bedroom or living room 

A Strafor factory locker in your hallway or in your kid’s bedroom


An iconic French leather Club Chair in your office or in your living room

A singer stool in your kitchen or even your bathroom

A Mullca school chair for your desk or your kid’s desks 

A butcher’s  block in the middle of your kitchen

A gym bench in your room or in your hallway 

Last touch, add some kitchenalia items and vintage decoration like those old Demijohns.

And you will have the perfect interior decoration style for your home. 

Our service:

We will always offer you the best pieces that will make your home more attractive than ever with always the best service you deserve.

We want to offer our customers something different that they won’t find in  their neighbour’s home. Our wide range is sourced in France where we are going each month to strive to find more treasures and pieces that will become a family heirloom.

And if you can’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us, I am sure to find your dream item with all my French contacts.

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